Hiking through Galilee – the plan


24jesustrail-map-popupI’ve been looking forward to this day for a while. Tomorrow morning I leave for a five-day hike from Nazareth to Capernaum. That’s just the beginning. From Capernaum, I travel far south to the Negev desert to see both the Ramon Crater and (more importantly) the stars. I realize it sounds both ridiculous and privileged to say I want to imagine what Abraham experienced when in a similar place he was called to look up and believe that “your descendents will be as numerous as the stars”. 

Of course. It could be cloudy. As the local astronomer reminded me. “You’ll pay in advance. No guarantee.” Not only that, the trail throughout Galilee will likely be muddy and overcast. Yep. It’s the rainy season. Weather.com just confirmed it.

But that’s okay. All of it. I’ll be glad I have boots on rather than sandals (is that really the only footwear available to 1st C. Galileans?). And, now that I’ve found this great NYT article, I’m going to eat great Arab fusion food that evening and stuff my pack with pita for the following day.

I’ll keep you posted too. In addition to good raingear, trail guides and boots, the modern pilgrimage means there can be no unexpressed thought.  Don’t worry. I won’t inundate you…but I’ll try and show you what it looks like to be walking where Jesus walked 2,000 years later.

But that’s just the beginning of this adventure. Next Friday it gets better when a group of 17 people from our church arrive. We gather in Bethlehem where an even more engrossing adventure begins. Stay tuned! We’ll be posting the stories of heroes and sadness, beauty and faith.

3 thoughts on “Hiking through Galilee – the plan

  1. Be very careful on the hike. Extreme weather conditions are forecasted – a lot of rain, very cold and perhaps snow. Consult the local authorities – you may want to postpone the start and/or shorten the hike.

    Hope you’ll have a good hike regardless of the weather.

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