The value of pausing. And Syria.


On Syria I’ve been like Lady MacBeth wringing her hands about the ‘dreaded spot’. What to do? What to do?  I live in a divided household. We are a microcosm of the American public —  my husband believes a strike is necessary, while I argue that ‘limited tactical strikes’ only lead to a quagmire.

The divided populace was enough to pause what seemed inevitable 5 days ago. The war weariness and our general wariness of another Middle East / American situation caused leaders and politicians (there is a difference) to talk. To negotiate. To seriously consider other options.

Minutes ago, I read where Sec. of State John Kerry proposed what may be a real solution: If Syria hands over its chemical weapons, America will not bomb. Russia and Syria jumped on board immediately.

No. It’s not perfect. But it greatly reduces the likelihood of Syrian citizens being gassed again. And it doesn’t involve us killing more people.

And this is what it means to me personally: If I pause before acting, there is always a smarter, better and perhaps even holier path.   Just like our mothers always said: Think before you speak, I would do better to pause and think before I acted.

If pausing is a truth for geo-politics, then it’s even a greater truth for my little world of relationships.

4 thoughts on “The value of pausing. And Syria.

  1. I have been all for a strike. Too often the U.S., as well as the world, has stood by while innocent civilians are gassed by tyrants. I believe it is a moral imperative to stand up to Assad and say gassing people is not tolerated. I am worried gat we will never know if Assad handed over all his chemical weapons and, if not, might use them again.

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