Calling on the Flock, er, the Phoning Pope

Ring, ring, It’s Pope Francis calling. Apparently the busy pontiff has enough time to actively reach out to hurting people around the world.

Last week the Huffington Post noted that ‘cold-call Pope’ could be added to Pope Francis’ long list of nicknames as he has repeatedly called strangers to discuss their lives and their concerns.

Wait, I thought. This guy is in one of the most controlled bureaucratic offices of the world and he has time to simply reach out to strangers? To proactively show them the love of Christ? They aren’t even part of his ‘regular congregation’? Or one of the many cardinals and support staff?

The Pope’s example really sets me back on my heels. And it gets me thinking. First in a very practical way: When was the last time I just randomly called people of my own church community to say hello? Check in? Find out how a recent situation had worked out?  In other words, when did I simply show some proactive love?

But deeper than that, the Phoning Pope knows something about an internal freedom that is rich and wide. He has a heart and spirit that is liberated from the constraints of his office or the bureaucracy that surrounds him.  He is less directed by the job description than he is by the call of discipleship. The example of Jesus is what the Pope is after.

Me too.

Where’s my phone?

4 thoughts on “Calling on the Flock, er, the Phoning Pope

  1. Nancy, here’s a blog from a woman I met recently, a pastor of a Chicago church, in fact. She’s quite a character. You might enjoy your blog. She also has a book coming out. Suz

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