The Mind(fulness) of Christ

Paula Dean. The death of DOMA. Demise of certain voting act provisions. Immigration overhaul. George Zimmerman on trial. Aaron Hernandez arrested. 

A week of surging news. I felt pulled apart by all the stories as I read the supreme court opinions, the oped pieces, the explanatory analysis, and the social media threads. I found myself getting a little jittery.

Then I realized I needed to take on the mind of Christ.

I had to step back and remember the world doesn’t revolve around U.S. politics (even when I’m agreeing with the politics), and the eternality of God’s purposes aren’t encapsulated in fillerbusters and supreme court decisions. Yes. We work for justice and live for peace and take up crosses and follow Jesus. 

That’s when I came upon this great piece on meditation in the recent issue of The Atlantic. What I was being called back to what mediative prayer. The kind I learned from Richard Rohr, James Finley, and Basil Pennington. It’s a mindfulness thing. A way of engaging in the moments of life without being “tossed this way and that” by that moment. 

I sat in zazen when I heard Nadal was out in the first round of Wimbledon. In sitting I was ready for a Federer exit later this week. I could read the news of DOMA and the Scalia rebuttal with equanimity. And I could praise God in all things. 


2 thoughts on “The Mind(fulness) of Christ

  1. Laura, Suzanne here from the Emergence Conference. We Russellville, AR folks were your new best friends from Arkansas that weekend, or so we flattered ourselves to be. I love your blog, read it faithfully, but while getting ready to sell my business this year, I’ve tried to stay focused on one thing at a time. It’s sold. Now, I can add “one more thing” and say hello and ask about your book coming out.

    Your posts about the Philippines were particularly interesting to me, since I have a daughter who’s husband works for 3-M and lives with her family and a Filipino helper in Hong Kong. Interestingly enough, their very nice helper is probably lesbian. My daughter initially had a problem with the live in “helper” business, since she considered herself above needing help and was embarrassed to tell our friends back home about her life affording such a luxury. Eventually, she understood that these jobs provide a job AND a home for the many Filipinos escaping the poverty of their island. Sadly, the centuries old universal tragedy is the women who leave their own children to work and care for wealthy families, in this case in Hong Kong. That part was something my daughter couldn’t deal with, knowing that someone working for them might have children left behind. Finding and hIring a lesbian with no children allowed her to sleep at night.

    I understand that Filipinos are sought out and known for their expert care of children.

    The Peace of the Lord to you and yours. Suzanne Alford-Hodges

  2. Laura, if you can edit out my “lesbian with no children” comment to “someone with no children” it would be a more accurate comment. SAH

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