It’s all about the Manure

It’s the poop that matters. The quality of the excrement; the dung. The *#&@. Image

I was working the rotten compost/chicken poop combo into our front garden. The dusty top soil welcomed the heavy black dirt as I dug deep holes for the new home-depot plants. I was betting this chicken crap / kitchen scrap duo would supply enough nutrients to fend off the challenges of an urban front yard. Placing my hope in powerful poop that would win the day – producing green shoots, big blossoms, and glorious color to an otherwise drab street corner. 

Yes. Yes. I’d do my part: water, prune, weed. I imagined the sun would do what it does. But the surge of growth would come from the soil and that decaying matter I had added. 

Hours later, exhausted, I listlessly sat on the front steps with the hose watering the bed when I remembered Paul’s advice, “God causes everything to work together for your good….and… in every thing give thanks”. For the crappy things. For the rotten things. For the waste products and the smelly, stinking, manure.

Hum. I like that. The $*#& of my life is what can produce the beauty. The droppings are the fuel I need. The manure may be the best thing going for me. “Therefore...(Paul again) I will rejoice in my weakness.”

Yep. Me too. It’s all about the manure. God knows there’s more than enough to work with. 

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