Guerrilla Christianity

I have a fantasy. 

I’m part of commando group of Christ followers who want to spread Jesus joy by fun, grace-filled acts of compassion. A group of us who show up at a random urban school mid-semester with wheelbarrows full of books and school supplies. Another group who arrive with their music instruments at one of the more destitute nursing homes on Sheridan Road and give a surprise concert of show tunes. Others who show up to pick up trash from vacant lots, or put on a “You’re Amazing!” party for a 3rd graders who have seen little joy.  

It’s nothing too tightly organized. One person gets an idea and emails it to the others. We decide to enact a couple of easy ones and a few projects that take a little bit more planning – but no more than 4 or 5 over a coule of months.  We ask our friends to join us. We ask others for some money to fund us. Some say yes. We don’t look for any specific outcomes. We’re doing it because our hearts of full of joy and we want someone else to experience the runoff. 

That’s it. 

I would love to do this. I would love for this to be what people think about when they think about the church. If you’re interested let me know. Our subversive cell doesn’t need that many; a fantasy-troubled few will do. 

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