May Days. Watch

Watch seemed to be the word of the day — a natural flow from the  “be open” word of yesterday.

What I see from my back porch is a world based on interdependence. In our postage stamp sized yard I watched more butterflies, birds and squirrels than I could ever count. From the bees hovering around my flowering lilacs to the astonishing cardinals swooping back to their nest in my neighbor’s crabapple, there was the palpable reality that not one of them could exist without the others.

The proverbial birds and the bees needed everything around them. And everything else needed them. Look at us!

I was taken back to one of my earliest memories laying in the middle of Emerald Hill on a late summer afternoon, my ‘flower power’ bike on the grass beside me while I l watched and listened to the towering skinny pine trees knock each other in the wind.  Look at us!

I am one of them. Just as dependent on the trees as the cardinal that calls it home. Relying on the rain as much as the lilacs.

We share a common fate – neither of us long for this world. Look at us.

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