Wanting A Little Rest

We wrapped up our Bible series with a discussion on Sabbath keeping. The goal was to apply some of the tools we’d been talking about throughout the series, but I left wanting the deep rest & restoration Jesus had promised the Sabbath could offer. We were only able to scratch the surface of what the Sabbath meant for the Hebrews and for Jesus. My unbalanced life needs more however. And I bet your life needs more as well.
One of the books I referenced relating to the Bible series is N. T. Wright’s book, Scripture and the Authority of God. Wright has some great applications to make about the Sabbath. First, that what we do to honor “sabbath time” should reflect the kinds of things Jesus did to honor his own sabbath time. Recognizing in creative ways the fact that heaven and earth have indeed come together in a new way in Jesus. Our family often went to the theatre matinees on Sunday afternoon, or we take long bike rides, or, more recently, my daughter and I will order pizza and watch Downton Abby together. You get the idea. At other times a few of my kids and I would spend the aftenoon cooking something delicious for Sunday evening dinner. Not because it was chore – but specifically because it was a pleasure to prepare and eat dinner together.
The important point for us is that we engaged in an activity and time together that was not available to us throughout our regular weekdays. Actually, that wasn’t the most important point. Primarily I just didn’t want my kids growing up with the sense of Sunday being a big pain in the rear. It seemed so likely to me that they would resent church and perhaps resent God as well for the amount of time I spent focused on it each week. I wanted them to have some fun memories and enjoyable experiences to balance what could otherwise have seemed like the worst day of the week for them.
I suppose the jury is still out on that one.
For those wanting more on this, Sabbath by Wayne Muller offers some good thoughts and is a much fuller resource on Sabbath restoration.
Interested in more? Let me know. I’d love to do a series on this if there’s any interest out there.

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