Tony Jones & the Bible

Tony Jones will be at LaSalle tomorrow night. And our turnout will likely be light. Part of that will be because it came up suddenly but a bigger part will be because Tony’s work doesn’t fit the genre. Tony is a questioner more than an answerer. And if there is one thing I’m seeing on the horizon of Christendom right now it’s that a lot of us want answers. Not necessarily the folks at LaSalle – we mainly want to ask better questions I think. But the big picture of the church. We want the Bible to just tell us what to think about…

  • stem cell research
  • prayer in the schools
  • military offenses
  • homosexuality

along with answering all the other questions about how much insurance I should buy and whether I should go to grad school.

I think sometimes we want the Bible to talk about us more than we want it to talk about God. Which is, of course, what the Bible is actually talking about. 

Got questions? Come out to LaSalle’s sanctuary 1136 N. LaSalle, Thursday, Feb. 9th, and hear the questions others have too. Chances are, the questions are more important than the answers anyway.  


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